Honestly, I’m not sure whether this belongs in WTF or collectibles. I’m not sure what it says about you if you are collecting Sailor moon panties, but I collect Muppets and I’m sure someone could comment that I have a great love for a group of characters who spend their entire lives with a human arm up their butts. So… to each his own.

This is actually the second series of Sailor Moon themed lingerie to come out from the licensing collaboration between Peach John and Bandai. The first series went on sale this past Valentine’s Day and consisted of:

-The 5 lingerie sets come in Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter & Sailor Venus styles. Very beautifully made, each set comes with a choker, bra and undies. The front ribbon is removable. There’s also a ribbon on the back of the bottoms! Retail price is 4,980 yen.

-The 6 panties come in sets of 2: white/black/lavender colour schemes. Each set comes with 1 striped pattern and 1 solid colour pattern. They are made of cotton. Comes in S, M & L. Retail price is 1,800 yen each set.
-The 2 bra+panties set are more casual, meant for everyday use. Both styles have a little gold star charm dangling at the front of the bra and cute little ribbons on the straps. Retail price is 3,980 yen each set.

-The 2 pajama sets feature a tshirt and shorts combo. Both sets have Luna & Artemis on the front with gold foil stars scattered. Comes in S & M. Retail price is 4,980 yen each set.

The new series will include a re-release of the original sets (they sold out so fast that most of the men who wanted them were not able to get them). The new versions of the sets will include not only the bra, panties, and ribbons of the original versions, but also a skirt. The brand new characters joining the assortment are: Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Chibi Moon, Saturn, and Senshi Pluto.

Source: Sailormooncollectibles