I love when companies make great collectibles out of metal and Play Imaginative has just made my day with the announcement of their 1/6th scale Super Alloy Batman which is 85% die-cast and features over fifty points of articulation! Check out the pics and specs while I sit here and drool.

The new Dark Knight comes to life in the form of the Super Alloy 1/6 Scale Collectable Figure “Batman by Jim Lee”. Based on Jim Lee’s unique vision, this Batman figure features a more armored suit comprising at least 85% die-cast metal alloy, with more than 50 points of articulation.

Featuring a detachable and posable fabric cape, grappling gun and batarang accessories, and a magnetic dragon gargoyle display base, the Super Alloy 1/6 Scale Collectable Figure “Batman by Jim Lee” is a limited edition piece for collectors.

The SPECIAL EDITION “Batman by Jim Lee” figure comes in a limited edition gloss finish and is only available through pre-order and at the Play Imaginative Booth G3 at the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention from 1-2 September 2012. It will not be available for purchase after STGCC 2012.

[singlepic=44762,520,440,,right]12 inches tall (approximate)
Sculpted PVC face
Detailed skin-textured face
Double-jointed neck
Double-jointed elbows
Ball-jointed wrists
Ball-jointed hips
Double-jointed knees
PVC utility belt
Two ABS batarangs
One ABS grappling gun
Die-cast metal torso, arms and legs
Fully articulated hands
and fingers Armoured figurine with 50 points of articulation
Gun-metal finish on main parts of body
Ball-jointed shoulders for full range of
arm movements
Double-jointed body, bendable at upper
torso with ability to swivel from left to right at waist
Ball-jointed ankles with articulated boot front
Magnets embedded under feet
Removable and posable cape
Figure display dragon gargoyle base with stone finish and embedded magnet
Magnet feet lock at dragon gargoyle base
Box packaging comes with magnetic clasp
and box sleeve