Art Asylum has posted a low-res preview of their upcoming Marvel Select Juggernaut action figure. This what they had to say:

Hold on. Why do they always say that about the Juggernaut? I mean, am I wrong or do they not find a way to stop him EVERY TIME? Seems to me he gets stopped on a regular basis. Oh well, who cares as long as he romps and stomps right up until the stoppage? Whether he’s on the side of evil or good, everyone loves to see Cain Marko destroy anything in his path. Our good friends at Gentle Giant have been itching to see Juggy added to the Marvel Select line, especially if they got to do the sculpting, so here you go. Colors are brought to you by Eddie Wires…

Marvel Select Juggernaut is looking great and probably the best MS figure to date. Considered him owned.

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