Here are some late breaking news straight from Hasbro’s Marvel panel live at San Diego Comic-Con 09!

Iron Man 2
– First up, the Iron Man 2 line is expected to debut March 1st, 2010 coinciding with the release of the movie. They will be 3″ scale, so they are in the same scale as the Marvel Universe series.
– Expect to see: Deep Dive Armor, Jetstream Armor, Mark I Armor, Mark II armor, Mark III armor, classic Armor, War Machine, Crimson Dynamo.
– Deluxe figures will include Juggernaut and Negative Zone Missions armor.
– Expect to see more at Toy Fair.

– There will be the classic and movie lines in the 3″ scale.
– Deluxe assortment will include 3″ figures and accessory. Expect a Fastball Special Colossus and Wolverine and a Armed and Dangerous Deadpool.

– Spider-Man Classics will continue with a new Green Goblin and new Black Spider-Man and classic Spider-Man.
– Fans can expect a new 3″ Spider-Man line in 2010. Included will be assorted Spider-Men with light up eyes, and removable armor, classic Green Goblin, Venom, Spidey with Doc Ock’s arms and of course everyone’s favorite… scuba Spidey.

Superhero Squad
– More 2-packs will come out this year. Expect to see: Deathlok, Vulture, Spider-Woman, Silver Samurai and Nova.
– There will finally be an Iron Man with removable helmet.
– Expect mini-vehicles (Wolverine and motorcycle) and even a mobile commander center.
– Next year we will see MODOK, Iron Man, Bucky, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Wolverine.

Marvel Universe
– Toys ‘R Us will have exclusive battle packs and army builders.
– Expect a new theme in 2010 (dark Reign and HAMMER). Will which switch to Series 2, wave 1.
– Series 2, wave 1 will see Jim Lee’s Jean Grey, Warpath, Vision
– Series 2, wave 2 will have Bucky, FA Captain America, modern Thor, Extremis Iron Man, Black Widow with alternate 3 hairs included.
– Some characters will have new articulation, an upper thigh as seen in Thor.
– Juggernaut is coming soon as well.
– Secret Wars wave 2. Spider-Woman and Iron Man, Black Spider-Man and Magneto, Hulk and Cyclops.
– Wave 3 features classic Thor and Enchantress, Hawkeye and Piledriver, Classic Mr. Fantastic and classic Ultron. These all look amazing!!
– All upcoming MU figures will include stands.
– Hasbro is considering playsets and vehicles.
– Hasbro is considering more “Ultimate” characters.

Handful of Heroes
– Think MUSCLES, a new line by Hasbro that packages 8 small figures in every pack. There are 40 different sculpts in a variety of colors. 140 characters altogether. Each pack is promised to come with a surprise figure.

Marvel Legends
– New fan choice poll. Fans can pick 3 out of 18 while Hasbro will pick 3. The 6 winners will be released in three 2-packs.
– No plans for future Build-A-Figures. All new MLs will come in 2-packs.
– A 19″ light-up Galactus prototype was shown at the panel. He will be coming out eventually.