There are certain artists that have a style that is so impressive that you can’t not look at their paintings and creations. For me, Camilla d’Errico has always been one of those artists. Last year I had a chance to pick up a great Disney Stitch vinyl figure that she designed. This year she’s got a brand new toy that’s all her own!

She’s created a great vinyl figure from her “Kuro” character. The Comic-Con exclusive is a glow in the dark blueberry version and it looks awesome!

Make sure to stop by and pick one up, or at least drool over her amazing artwork at booth 4723, on the corner right across from the toy section.

All pricing details are right below the pics.

The glowing blueberry version (yes, it really glows-in-the-dark!), will be a 2011 SDCC exclusive ($59.99), however the regular Kuro ($29.99) and DIY version ($25.99) will be available through our mailing list, provided supplies still last. Each Kuro purchased at SDCC will also come with an exclusive collectible card from Camilla! If you would like a customized DIY Kuro ($25.99 + $25), please email cderricostore [at] gmail [dot] com; only a few will be available, and must be picked up at booth 4723, where Camilla will be working on the collector items, autographing books, and meeting fans.

Between the Kuro, Andrew Bell’s stuff and possibly even Mari Inukai’s exclusive, my wallet is going to be hurting by the end of Comic Con this year.