From SDCC 2011, here are some assorted images of Hasbro’s Marvel offerings. On display is wave one of the new Marvel Legends relaunch, which includes:

– Klaw (classic)
– Hope Summers
– Constrictor
– Steve Rogers (as Super Soldier_
– Iron Man (Looks modern)
– Ghost Rider (Movie)
– Thor (modern)

– Build-a-figure Terrax

Marvel Legends wave 2 is debut at Hasbro’s Marvel panel later in the week.

Fans of Marvel Universe have plenty to be excited about as well. Shown were a slew of new Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Comic Packs as well as upcoming single carded figures. Some of the figures shown were:

– Quicksilver and Wonderman
– Mr. Sinister and Gambit
– Daredevil VS Bullseye
– Thanos VS Adam Warlock
– Colossus VS Juggernaut (Juggernaut is unmasked)
– Secret Avengers Moon Knight and Ant Man

– Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor
– Heroic Age Captain America
– Hulk (new sculpt)
– Astonishing Beast
– Modern Thor
– Shadowland Daredevil
– Elektra
– Storm
– Ultimate Magneto