Although a lot of exciting new products was unveiled at Hasbro’s Star Wars panel today. Below is a list of just the the new reveals from the collectible 6″ Star Wars Black line.

-Black Shadow Troopers and Speeder Bike Target exclusives
-White Boba Fett prototype armor Walgreens exclusive

From the regular upcoming 6″ Black Series:
-EPIV Tie Pilot
-EPII Clone Trooper Sergeant
-EPIV Han Solo (Stormtrooper version)
-EPV Bossk (with articulated jaw)

-EPV Luke Skywalker & Wampa (comes with removable Wampa arm)
-EPV Han Solo & Tauntaun

-Emperor soft good cloak and chair

Source: Images courtesy of JediaInsider and official images from Fwoosh