Courtesy of ToyArk, here are some booth images of Hasbro’s upcoming 6″ Marvel Legends Infinite Series figures currently out of booth display. Similar to the Marvel Legends that were released this year, there will be a Spider-Man and an Avengers series. Fans can expect the stellar line up to consist of:

Avengers Series (2015 Wave 1)

-Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers, with Danvers alternate head) *swap figure
-Scarlet Witch *swap figure
-Machine Man (with extendable arms!)
-Hawkeye *swap figure
-Iron Fist *swap figure
-Odin (Build-A-Figure) (with King Thor variant, which will work similar to the Zola BAF)

Spider-Man Infinite Series

-Classic Spider-Man (with alternate Semi-unmasked Peter head, extra hands [side note: he may or may not come with all those hands])
-Spider-Girl (Modern)
-Hobgoblin (Ramo’s version)
-More to come!