Playmate kicked off their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles panel today with an teaser at an upcoming TMNT documentary as well as a few new products unveils! Get all the break down below.

-Turtle Power Documentary about the history of the TMNT set to drop August 12th. You can check out the trailer below.

-TMNT movie toys (currently out)
-Evolution pack, 4 basic movie turtles pack a Target exclusive
-Mix and Match figures, a total of 9 different figures to mix and match
-Deluxe scale Mutation figures that can transform from baby turtles to ninja form
-Some transformable vehicles with figures
-Role playing toys: Casey Jones’ mask, electronic Turtle masks with white eyes that change to turtle eyes

-New Vehicles… T-Rawket, hovercraft and Casey’s Zamboni machine (later both will come with figures)
-Turtle blimp with inflatable balloon, up to 30 inches long. Comes with repel lines
-Pizza Thrower!
-Some new RC toys with pizza RC controller. Patrol buggies and skatebording Mike
-Z-Line playsets. Playsets that hook to your wall that’ll allow your figures to zip from set to set
-Turtle Lair and all Z-Line sets will come as one to TRU in the fall

-Deluxe figures, Ninja Action figures… they flip and spin
-Giant 11″ figures coming in the fall, their heads and go into their shell like a turtle
-Shredder with removable helmet
-Interactive talking turtles. They can talk to each other if you have them all
-Stretch and shout turtle (they stretch and make SFX)

-Collector’s Classic Shredder based on the 80s cartoon! Part of wave 4
-Collector’s Classic Krang in his big android body based on the 80s cartoon! (Krang removable) Part of wave 4
-30th Anniversary 4.5″ figures with original comic books
-Evolution pack coming to Target: Leonardo – 1988 figure, 2012 figure, and 2014 comic book

-New cartoon basic figures
-Cybernetic foot soldier, Tigerclaw
-Turtlefly Mikey (buzz buzz), Baxter Fly
-Serpent Karai (with removable snake mask)
-Rocksteady and Bebop Walmart exclusives
-More cosplaying fantasy TMNTs
-Comic book turtles based on original comic
-Monkey brains, Ice Cream kitty (lol)


Source: Images from ToyArk hi-res images from Toynewsi