If you aren’t familiar with the bootleg toy scene, you are missing out. There’s some pretty awesome stuff out there right now. On the Star Wars front, I was not only able to pick up a Han Solo frozen in Pop Tart Carbonite, but one customizer was able to make me a set of the burnt skeletons of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.

DKE Toys, always has a great selection of exclusives that sometimes get overlooked in comparison to companies like Sideshow, Hasbro, and Mattel. This year, they’ve got great offerings that include bootleg customs and straight up original figures.

The most iconic toy that they’ll be offering this year would have to be the action figure version of Ron English’s fat Ronald McDonald character. Since appearing on the movie poster for the film Supersize Me, English has been riding high with a whole new generation of fans. The other exclusives are admittedly by artists I’m not very familiar with, but they are still all worth a gander.

Among the best of the group are Artbot138’s R2-SL1200 (an R2-D2 figure that’s been converted to a record player), a bootleg Bossk decked out in a Jason Mask, and North Korean Bart Simpson.

Source: Cluttermagazine