This might be the most diverse year of Comic Con exclusives from Mattel. Along with the previously announced WileyKit and WileyKat figures from their upcoming Thundercats line, Mattel is pushing through a set of exclusives that covers most of the big licenses. The only thing missing is a Star Wars exclusive. This year, they’ve got stuff from Daredevil, Thundercats, TMNT, Star Trek, Suicide Squad, and their new female super hero toy line. Check them out below.

Suicide Squad: Joker and Panda Man
– The set costs $40 and features Jared Leto’s Joker along with one of his henchmen that was featured in the trailer for the film.

Harley Quinn Hot Wheels – $25.
Harley gets her own wheels, emblazoned with tattoos like “Daddy’s little girl” and “Property of Joker”.
2016 San Diego Comic-Con Mattel exclusives include Katana

Suicide Squad/ Super Hero Girls Katana – $40
Fans can get the Super Hero Girls figure of Katana in the style of the Suicide Squad.

Star Trek: Spock Hot Wheels – $20
In what seems to be the most obscure pop culture reference of the year, Mattel is offering this special miniature of the 1964 Buick Riviera, which Leonard Nimoy drove to set every day while working on the original Star Trek series.

WWE: Shockmaster $30
The Shockmaster figure is available as he was seen during the WCW Clash of the Champions XXIV, wearing his signature coat.

TMNT: Kubros $25
There will be two packs of two-packs available at SDCC: Leonardo and Bebop, and Michelangelo and Rocksteady.

Marvel: Daredevil vs Punisher Hot Wheels $30.
This is a two car pack that pays tribute to the classic grudge between two of Marvel’s grittiest heroes.

Thundercats: Wily Kit and Wily Kat $60.
These are the two figures that subscribers of Mattel’s new Thundercats line will be hoarding or hunting for on eBay shortly after the con.

Source: AFF