Beast Kingdom has released pics and info on four new SDCC 2020 exclusives. For the Dark Knight – The Joker “Bank Robber” Version 1/9 Scale Dynamic 8ction Figure and the Marvel Comics – Peter Parker Spider-Man Egg Attack Figure, we have full galleries, details and order info. For the Avengers: Infinity War – Tony Stark Egg Attack Figure and the Avengers: Endgame – Bro Thor Egg Attack Figure, you’ll have to be happy with just a teaser pic for now.

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DAH-024SP The Dark knight The Joker Bank Robber Version

One of the tensest, most exciting openings of any action movie, the bank robbery scene from the Dark Knight is as thrilling today as it was on the movie’s release back in 2008.

The Joker, marvelously played by the actor Heath Ledger, creates a complicated weave of double-crosses that sets the characters complex methods early in the film. Getting his team members to off each other one by one, we learn that this is no simple crook! Only a master-criminal can come up with such a scheme, with the audience as confused as each of the characters on screen. We only find out the masterplan right at the end of the robbery, when in shock The Joker removes his clown mask and we find out that he was one of the criminals all along. Dressed as one of the bank-robbers he quickly rides off in a school-bus with all the mob-cash, leaving viewers in awe!

Following the release of the acclaimed classic purple suited Joker from the Dark Knight, Beast Kingdom, The Entertainment Experience Brand is once again, excited to bring the latest variation of The Joker for fans of the crazed clown!
The D.A.H (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) The Joker, Bank Robber Version, is a 1/9 live-action scale fully posable (28 joints) action figure that takes detailing to the next level.
With two replaceable head sculpts, one of the painted Joker himself and the other of the robber mask, as well as a host of weapons and accessories, fans can recreate every part from the classic movie scene.
Following in the design footsteps of the previous Joker, this figure also comes with real fabric clothing, straight down to the duffel bag itself. The tiniest details including a chronograph replica watch is fully realized to give fans the very best in collectable action figure design.
So make sure this bank robber Joker is added to your classic purple suited Joker collectable and complete the Dark Knight villain set today!

Product Measurements:Approx 21 cm
Release Date: Q3, 2020 (Jul-Sep)


EAA-088 Marvel Comic Peter Parker Spider-Man

A high school student named Peter Parker with an ordinary background became the marvelous superhero Spider-Man. In addition to fighting crime, Peter also had to face the trials and tribulations of adolescence. In contrast to teenage heroes of the past, Peter had to learn for himself that “With great power comes great responsibility”, which has resonated with several generations of fans. Are you prepared to join Spider-Man in his mission to fight crime?

Beast Kingdom presents a new 6-inch Egg Attack Action (EAA) series action figure inspired by the classic comic book “The Amazing Spider-Man.” This new Peter Parker/Spider-Man figure features one of Spider-Man’s iconic abilities: his Spidey sense, which warns him of potential danger. The figure exhibits the classic style of the EAA series and includes two interchangeable heads, one with a full mask and one with Peter Parker’s mouth exposed. It also includes two interchangeable mouth shapes (normal and pouting), four pairs of interchangeable hands and four pairs of interchangeable magnetic eyes. In addition to the various head accessories, the following indispensable Peter Parker/Spider-Man accessories are included: three spider silks that Spider-Man can use during battle, Peter’s camera for his job as a photographer, a khaki backpack for class, and pizza for delivery. With this figure, you can have the ultimate hands-on experience with the classic teenage superhero, the amazing Spider-Man. This one is a must for your collection!

Product Measurements:Approx 16.5 cm
Release Date: Q3, 2020 (Jul-Sep)