I have so much internal conflict over the new Deadpool Heat-Seeker statue from Sideshow Collectibles. On the one hand, it is stunning. The sculpt is amazing, and the explosive effects are some of the best I’ve ever seen. On the other side… SELFIE STICK!?!?! I mean, I get it. I just… Ugh.

The statue just went up for pre-order for a wallet-busting $699. If you want it, and can handle waiting until next Christmas to get it, click HERE.


What fourth wall?

He does it, so why can’t we? Hey folks, Sideshow’s copywriter here! What you’re setting your peepers on right now is something we showed off at SDCC ’16 and we’re happy to get onto the site – the Deadpool Heat-Seeker Premium Format™ Figure.

I don’t have this guy sitting on my desk right now because I’m not allowed to touch prototypes. Sad, right? Here’s what we can tell you about our friend in red – He’s jumping out of an explosion while dodging a rocket, while firing a machine gun behind his back, WHILE SLICING A GRENADE IN HALF WITH A SWORD! If I had a mic this is where it would be dropped – but I’m not allowed to touch those either.

I’m to the point of assuming that our artists have just gone round the bend and started making whatever amazing little physics denying thing has come to mind and I’m totally fine with it. The Deadpool Heat-Seeker Premium Format™ Figure is made up of polyresin, high-quality PVC, metal, and an almost uncomfortable amount of sex appeal.

Speaking of – The Sideshow Exclusive version of the Deadpool Heat-Seeker Premium Format™ Figure (there’s that name again) has a swappable replacement for the machine gun that is a selfie stick. To top that off there is a changeable portrait with Mr. Pool giving the camera the ole “Red Steel”.

Oh, my favorite part? Kind of you to ask! Check out the tiny bullet at the end of the explosion coming out of the barrel of the gun. Sweeeeeeet!