SOTA has been around for about as long as I’ve been a grown up collector. The company has definitely had its ups and downs over the years, but they have managed to last when a lot of others have closed their doors. Now they’re back in 2012 with some really excellent product. Check the press release and images below:

LOS ANGELES, Calif., (Feb 14, 2011) – Leading toy manufacturer SOTA Toys, Inc. today announced their 2012 lineup showcasing the latest wave of high-end collectible art statues from critically and commercially acclaimed video game series. From world warrior martial artists to demigod demons loitering in hell, SOTA Toys has got you covered.

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Street Fighter® game franchise, the highly anticipated ¼-scale Mixed Media Street Fighter Chun-Li Statue announced at Comic-con 2011 will be available Summer 2012. This latest iteration of the famous Chinese martial artist measures 21-inches tall from base to head and will feature material clothing. Additionally, the ¼ scale Mixed Media Street Fighter Chun-Li Statue will also come in two alternate forms, including classic blue and gold outfit and a SOTA Toys online exclusive version featuring Chun-Li in her Super Street Fighter IV™ alternate costume.

Capitalizing on the last year’s highly successful collaborative partnership with THQ Inc., SOTA Toys is also proud to officially announce 12-inch scale Samael the imprisoned demon prince, from the commercially successful video game series, Darksiders™. This piece will be created directly from the Darksiders in-game 3D file ensuring authenticity in physical form. Measuring 13.5-inches from the base to the wingtip, Samael will also feature the Guardian’s Heart in his clutched fist which will be powered by USB. Samael will be available Summer 2012.

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