Todd McFarlane hit a major home run with his Spawn Kickstarter which earned $3,447,390 from 23,761 backers. With numbers like that, we knew it was only a matter of time before another crowdfunding project would be in the offing.

Just a few minutes ago, Todd took to social media to pitch fans his idea for what he wants to see from the next Kickstarter, and that would be Medieval Spawn.

His vision for the new figure might actually be even more ambitious than the Spawn Masterworks figure. This time around he’s seeing the same 7″ scale and full articulation, but this time around he wants more heads, some with articulated helmets that reveal Spawn’s face under the armor, and he wants some of the accessory weapons to actually be made of steel!

At the end of the video, McFarlane says that the Kickstarter is coming soon. Based on his track record, we wouldn’t be surprised if soon is by the end of October, of not by the end of the week!