Product Description:

Reliable modeling, movable and three-dimensional by selecting carefully selected materials

The skirt is made of cloth, and the hose on the side of the right arm is made of soft material. While precisely reproducing the modeling and proportions in the play on a scale of about 1/12, you can sit down and hold the blaster, bend your arms, and pose freely.

Includes a replacement head that looks exactly like the “digital coloring of the soul”. A chain code effect is also included, allowing you to recreate the scene of introducing yourself to the Mandalorian.

Jetpack missile launch and booster effects can be reproduced with replacement effect parts. Two types of missile parts are included.

The definitive edition until Season 2! Glow Goo and the first real face are also included.

Parts such as helmets, arms, and gun belts have been newly modeled and reappeared in a form closer to the one in the play. In addition, glow goo and bag parts are also included, allowing you to recreate the style of walking with a bag. “Mandalorian” It is a mandalorian that can be said to be the definitive edition at the moment, covering the contents up to Season 2.

The newly obtained spear
can be equipped on the back using a belt as in the play .

Includes the first real-faced head in the series. The emotional scene of the season 2 climax can be reproduced.

The bomb parts of the belt are removable. If you put it on your palm, you can reproduce the scene that invaded the Imperial battleship.