Guitar Hero? Pfft… Real rock stars jam on the Guitar Rock Star!

Professional and novice air guitarists worldwide can now rock out with The Guitar Rock Star, a new toy featuring the head and neck of a guitar with invisible infra-red strings.

The Guitar Rock Star from Tomy Toys comes with eight pre-recorded songs and is expected to sell for for £15 ($20 USD). Featuring input and output jacks, The Guitar Rock Star can also be hooked up to headphones or speakers.

According to Martyn Ayres, from toymakers Tomy Toys:

“Everyone has the chance to live out their dreams as a rock legend this Christmas. All they have to do is turn on Guitar Rock Star, Grab the electronic guitar neck, finger the frets and strum the infra-red strings to play.”

Like Guitar Hero, The Guitar Rock Star is expected to be the must have toy this holiday season and is already tipped as the best-selling Christmas toy.