had a link to a great interview on with artist NikeJerk about his new TMNT Custom Dunnies. The pictures are amazing and the interview is pretty interesting so I wanted to point it all out to you and give you a taste of the coolness.

From The Interview:
So with the release of your first Dunny Series, what can you tell us about it?

This first series of mine is a culmination of about 2 years of doing custom toys. There are images out there of a few of the designs so you may be able to extrapolate how they will look as a whole, but you can expect these to all be very reminiscent of their true personas, vibrant, detailed and in my opinion, very different from most of the customs I’ve seen in terms of style and execution.

What made you decide to do a TMNT themed Dunny series, and what can we expect?

I decided to do a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series because thinking back, they were one of the first things that I collected…and I loved them. There were so many characters and they all came with awesome weapons and accessories. I wanted to capture the personality of the TMNT universe while putting my own personal spin on it. I pride myself on devising new and unique ways to use a platform and you can expect to see some awesome stuff that I hope you’ll still be able to recognize as a Dunny.

After you decided on the Idea of a TMNT series what was your process on making them, and did you run into any trouble?

Whenever I brainstorm for new ideas, I always search for ways to use the Dunny in a new way, and the first thing that came to me was I could make the head better for a turtle by chopping off the ears, and moving them to be the knot of the bandanna. From there I came up with all of the characters, how they would be executed in terms of platform modification, blanked all the Dunny’s, did the base sculpting and did all the base colors before starting on any of the details.

Check out the rest of the interview and even more really cool pics at Blindbox