Todd McFarlane has been talking about his new Spawn film for years and it is now finally getting ready to happen. He’s got the script. He’s got Jamie Foxx on-board to play Al Simmons/ Spawn. Now the big question is whether he’s got the toys. In short, of course, he does! Come on, the man has his own toy company, did you really think he wasn’t going to make toys for his own movie?

In a new interview with, McFarlane said that he’s making them, but he won’t let them spoil the film like so many toy companies have been known for in recent years.

“Yes. Traditionally, a lot of toys come out before the movie. I’m not giving anything away in the toy aisle three weeks before the movie comes out. There should be some sense of [mystery], you know…

You can see it right now with Venom. People got a little frustrated, they wanted something in the first trailer and then the second trailer. People have the hunger to want to see the cool thing. Right? You’re always going to have the frustration if you don’t have enough, especially from the trailer. We’ll be doing all those things later. People are going to want to be seeing more and more and more.”

There’s no news right now on what types of merch McFarlane is planning for the film, and it sounds like we shouldn’t expect news any time soon.

Source: Comicbook