From Hasbro’s Toy Fair 2010 presentation we get our sneak peak at the rest of Marvel Universe Series 2. Below are just half of what was shown but official images are forthcoming.

Wave 1 is currently available at retails now.

Wave 2 is expected to hit soon and will include:

-Golden Age Captain America
-Black Widow

Wave 3 (My favorite wave!):

-Kitty Pryde with Bendable Lockheed
-Modern Havok
-AIM Goon

Wave 4:

-Iron Patriot
-Iron Spider-Man
-Winter Soldier
-Mary Jane with Ms. Lyon
-Skrull Soldier

There will also be two-packs and Thanos.

-Dark Phoenix/Cyclops
-Black “Spider-Man” Venom/Daken

Fans can expect a 19″ Galactus to hit shelves in October who will go for $49.99. He will come with a newly painted Silver Surfer which looks amazing. Also, a possible six-pack might be in the works. It wasn’t revealed who it’d be, but my guess is Jim Lee’s X-Men.