(Ages 4 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $14.99 / Available: Spring 2020)
It’s a (proton) blast from the past with THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS Kenner Classics Figure assortment from Hasbro, inspired by the classic figures from Kenner. With original Kenner deco and card backs influenced by the iconic look from the 80s cartoon series, these retro figures are a must have for any Ghostbusters fan. Each Ghostbuster comes with accessories inspired by the series: a ghost, proton pack, and proton blaster with stream.

Assortment includes Peter, Ray, Winston, Egon, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Slimer (Each sold separately)! Available exclusively at Walmart.

(Ages 4 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $19 .99 / Available: Summer 2020)
The premium, collectible Ghostbusters figures that fans been waiting for are here with the GHOSTBUSTERS Plasma Series Figures from Hasbro. Inspired by the original Ghostbusters movies, the Plasma Series Figures features collector grade deco across multiple points of articulation, characterinspired accessories, and photorealistic actor likenesses. Each figure also comes with a buildable ghost component.

The first wave of GHOSTBUSTERS Plasma Series figures features original Ghostbusters characters Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston, Dana, along with Gozer and Terror Dog build-a-ghost pieces (each sold separately)! Available at and most major retailers nationwide.

(Ages 14 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $99.99 / Available: Fall 2020)
The GHOSTBUSTERS Plasma Series Spengler’s Neutrona Wand from Hasbro is inspired by the blaster seen in the all-new GHOSTBUSTERS: Afterlife movie. It features movie-accurate sounds and an LED proton stream that emits from the end of the blaster. Flip a switch, press a button, and change the modes for blasting ghosts. Imagine the awesome power the Ghostbusters hold in their hands with rumble feedback via an internal motor. Premium deco and incredible detailing make this a perfect addition to any Ghostbuster fan’s collection. Available at and fan retailers nationwide.


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