Have you been loving Bandai’s new line of Thundercats toys based on Cartoon Network’s new show as much has we do? If so then we’ve got great news. In a recent interview with MTV, Bandai discusses what fans can expect for the future of their new Thundercats line. Here are some highlights from the interview courtesy of TNI:

– According to Bandai the initial response to the launch of the line has been phenomenal, both from a sales perspective and a fan perspective.

– Look for Mumm-Ra’s new Storm Charger tank which debut 2 weeks ago on the show to be made into a toy.

– When 6″ scale versions of WilyKit and WilyKat are released, they will be packaged together.

– There will also be a Mumm-Ra in “Final Form” released that is so big he will actually be released in an entirely different scale so he looks the correct size with the other 4″ scale figures.

– Bandai can make toys of SilverHawk and TigerShark-related characters that appear in the show.

– Bandai America is working very closely with Bandai Japan on additional collector pieces that should make fans very happy.

Also, from an earlier reports, two new Bandai’s 8″ Classic Thundercats figures will be released quarterly beginning next year. While not confirmed, it’s rumored that Bandai is interested in releasing the core heroes first so that means fans can expect 8″ Classic Panthro and Cheetara beginning in 2012.