Whether know Usagi Yojimbo from Stan Sakai’ comics or from his many appearances with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the samurai rabbit has become one of the most recognizable and cherished characters to ever land in the TMNTverse. The unfortunate thing is that the only place to see him is either in his own comics or on the TMNT cartoons. Thankfully, that is all about to change.

The show is being produced by France-based Gaumont, who actually acquired the Usagi from Sakai last October. The show will be an action comedy, aimed at 6-11 year old children and will be co-produced by Dark Horse Comics, as well as Sakai and Atomic monster. Like the comics, the show will be set in 17th-century Japan and will focus on the adventures of Usagi and his pet dinosaur.

The show is set to begin production this year, but it is still looking for a US home for broadcast.

Collectors can also take heart, because Playmates, who has recently produced several popular Usagi Yojimbo figures as part of their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle collection, is currently working with Sakai on a line of toys based on the Usagi comics.

SOurce: Kidscreen