The inspiration for our latest contest, the YBMW/ Cult Collectibles giveaway of the Jill Weird Wobbler from ‘The Beyond’, came from a chat that we had with the Owner of CultCollectibles Mark Jason Murray. This guy has been involved in the grindhouse movie scene for a while and has turned his love for these films into his livelihood.

This, of course, makes me respect the hell out of him because anyone that can turn what they love into their career is damned lucky! Below you’ll find the quick interview I got to do with the man and learn all about where he came from and how he landed in the bobble head market. After the interview be sure to check out our ‘Weird Wobbler’ giveaway and go to the Cult Collectibles site to check out their available and upcoming awesome toys!

YBMW: Let’s start with the basics. How long has Cult Collectibles been around, and what was the moment that made you say “ya know what, it’s time for some kickass Bobbleheads of cult films.”?

MJM: The company started in early 2010 and my first “Weird Wobbler” figure, The BLACK DEVIL DOLL was released at the end of September 2010. The idea of doing this came about a year earlier and it sort of incubated in my brain until I finally decided that the time was right for me to make it all happen. I’ve been really bored with the collectible figures that most companies are producing. It’s the same property over and over and over again. I wanted something different, so I began making toys that I would want to buy… with the hope that others felt the same.

YBMW:Since the company’s start, how has it all been going for you?

MJM: Things have been pretty solid. The fans are really enjoying what I am doing and appreciating the amount of hard work and attention to detail that I put into each figure. Major distributors have not been cooperative, claiming my products are either “too edgy” or aren’t million dollar franchises that they are familiar with so they won’t carry them. Of course, I believe I am making the coolest toys ever made and I am gaining fans and supporters every day.

YBMW: Before starting this company, what were you doing and was it involved with collectibles?

MJM: I’ve done a lot of different things throughout my life starting in my early teenage years. My biggest endeavors range from a horror movie mail order company specializing in obscure and rare items from around the world to cult film magazines like Shocking Images and more recently Film Fanaddict.

YBMW: About how long does it take to make one Weird Wobbler?

It varies by the degree of difficulty per figure, but it takes me anywhere from 5 months to a year. There is a lot involved here and my attention to details and desire to push the polyresin bobblehead format to its absolute limits is something that I pride myself in. For THE BEYOND figure it took nearly a year from the initial concept until it was in my hands. I also make sure the packaging looks incredible too and the work done by my artist, Stephen Romano is always amazing.

*Check out the video for an in depth overview on making a “Weird Wobbler”

YBMW: Which Wobbler is your personal favorite so far?

MJM: How could I even choose? They all are awesome in their own ways. Fans are really loving them all. I am extremely proud of THE BEYOND for being the world’s first bobblehead to include an alternate detachable face. No one has ever done that before. THE DEMON DOLL includes a “mask of the demon undead” accessory that fits into the base for storage and display. I don’t think anyone has ever done anything like that either. I have some more surprises in store for future figures as well.

YBMW: What are your favorite horror / cult films?

MJM: I’ve thousands of favorite films which would be too many to list. I am very dedicated to the works of many directors like Jean Rollin, Lucio Fulci, Akira Kurosawa, Kinji Fukasaku, Dario Argento, Mario Bava, Shinya Tsukamoto, Seijin Suzuki, Russ Meyer, Radley Metzger and so many others. I am a rabid fan of the film work of Rudy Ray Moore as well.

YBMW: What do you collect?

MJM: I’ve been collecting and archiving materials in relation to the life and career of Rudy Ray Moore (famous for his DOLEMITE films and his outrageous comedy albums) for nearly 20 years now as I continue to work on his biography. Over the last several years I have been mostly collecting signatures of directors, actors, etc. that I have met and worked with at fan conventions and getting the majority of my rare Italian horror poster collection signed. My house is basically wallpapered with this stuff!

YBMW: What are some dream choices for upcoming Weird Wobblers?

MJM: Those are secrets! I wouldn’t want people taking my ideas. I have a list of hundreds that I would love to do as well as two different lines that are not film related. It’s possible I might start one of those new lines up in 2012.

YBMW: What is next for Cult Collectibles?

MJM: The LUCIO FULCI figure from his film CAT IN THE BRAIN will be out at the beginning of December 2011. I am very proud to be the one doing this figure and also having family approval as well. Fulci’s work has been a massive influence and inspiration through most of my life and this is my tribute to him. This will be followed by the Rudy Ray Moore – DOLEMITE figure at the beginning of March 2012. Both of these will be awesome and there’s even a surprise for the DOLEMITE figure… another special feature that I don’t think anyone has ever done with a bobblehead before. That was the figure I have wanted to do since the start of the company and am happy that it will be a reality soon.