When we were 16 we were barely focused on what we were going to do after school that day, let alone after High School. That’s because we aren’t Braxton Moral, the 16-year-old who is scheduled to graduate from both high school and Harvard University within two weeks of each other. The twin events are set to go down this May when he graduates from Ulysses High School in Kansas on May 19, before heading to Boston to take part in commencement ceremonies at Harvard.

Since the age of three Braxton was known as a bit of a math whiz. He would wow adults with his ability to calculate the differences in team scores at volleyball games while most kids were trying not to poop themselves. It wasn’t long before he was skipping grades and making his parents worried as he began to get depressed and question why he existed. Fearing that he had a real problem, his parents took him for testing at the local community college where they found out the only real problem was that he was much more intelligent than his parents had ever realized. The cure for his depression was as simple as giving him something that would challenge his mind. As a result, Moral enrolled in Harvard’s extension program at the tender age of 11.

Over the next few years, he would do his public school work during the day before completing his fall and spring classes online. Over the summer, he and his family would head to Boston where the tween would take classes in person. The only real complaint he had was that his high school and college finals weeks used to hit at the same time.

As to what Braxton Moral has planned for his life come June, we can only imagine that it will be hiring and firing a lot of people who are much older than he is.

Source: NPR