A 17-year-old Brazilian schoolgirl has confessed to killing 30 men since turning 15 and has decided to turn herself in so as to avoid being tried as an adult.

The girl, a resident of Sao Paolo, admitted to stunned police that she had been behind a string of murders in the city. Her identity is being kept secret as she is a minor.

“I don’t have enough courage to hold a gun – but I can hold a knife,” she says, smiling as she recounts the names of all those she murdered, and even admitting her confession is calculated to ensure a lenient juvenile trial: “I am confessing because I promised I would do so before becoming 18 – to avoid upsetting my family.”

Her motive for all the murder and with the same knife? “For money, revenge and to bring justice.”

Police are puzzled and suspect she may have been working as an assassin for one of the cities powerful criminal syndicates. Her culpability in several killings have already been confirmed, while the police are investigating the others.

Should she be responsible for all of 30 murders, she may be the world’s most prolific teenage serial killer.

Source: chiquita.blog