It seems to me that I may have gilded the Lilly a little here. Yeah, shark infested waters does make it sound more dramatic, but isn’t pretty much the whole ocean shark infested? Anyways, the sharks aren’t really the story here. The story is about Jennifer Appel, Tasha Fuiava and their doggos.

The two women set sail form Hawaii to Tahiti on May 3rd, but instead of finding paradise, they found a storm less than a month into their voyage, that destroyed their engine and left them stranded in the middle of the ocean. the good news is that they were prepared for a long trip anyways, so they water purifiers on board, as well as a year’s worth of food for both them and their pups. It’s a good thing too, because they weren’t rescued until this Wednesday, when a Taiwanese fishing vessel spotted them 900 miles southeast of Japan.

Their biggest fear during the entire experience wasn’t the weather or even starving to death, it was the sharks that constantly made their presence known.

“We were slowly maneuvering through their living room. They came by to slap their tails and tell us we needed to move along,” Appel said. “They decided to use our vessel to teach their children how to hunt. They attacked at night.”

After their rescue, they were transferred to the USS Ashland where they received medical assistance and will hang out until the Ashland reaches its next scheduled port of call.

Source: Inhabvitat