You never know what is going to be the final straw in a relationship. For some it’s infidelity, for others it is leaving the seat up. For Most Japanese gamers, it all comes down to Pokemon. This discovery came when a Japanese Twitter User, @mizutarou00312 got to thinking about a hypothetical fight between lovers in which one got so mad that they erased the other’s Pokemon Save data. She then sent the question out to the Twittersphere to see if that was forgivable or the end of the relationship.

Over the course of just around 48 hours, the poll had almost 30,000 responses, and nearly 2/3 of them all said that deleting their Pokemon would be unforgivable. The interesting thing is that comments about why people wouldn’t forgive were not so much about the lost data, but what it represented. Many people stated that the deliberate act of erasing something that your partner care about shows a lack of understanding and respect for them. Others commented that such a vindictive act was a major red flag about their partner’s personality.

Here are a couple of the comments:
“It’s not a matter of forgiving them or not. If they’re the kind of person who’d break something that belonged to someone else because of a fight, I think you’re better off without them.”

“If the reason we had the fight in the first place stemmed from Pokémon, I might be able to forgive them. You could chalk it up to an ill-conceived attempt to fix the problem. But if it was just a case of destroying something that was important to someone else as an act of revenge, then I think you should break up. It shows that they aren’t a mature empathetic person, and they’re probably going to do the same sort of thing again in the future.”

“You can’t erase a Pokémon save with one button press, so that shows that even after thinking it over they still decided to delete it. That’s something you can’t forgive.”

Source: Rocketnews