I tried this once and security escorted me out of the theme park. I guess it helps to be an adorable five year old like Parker. On his family’s recent trip to Disney World, Parker asked Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White, Rapunzel, Tinker Bell, Cinderella, and Elsa to marry him. The results were adorable… and one of them even said yes.

Before our most recent trip to Disney World, one morning I was joking around and said “Hey Parker! You should totally propose to the princesses this year!” thinking he’d snort at the idea, and much to my surprise, he started jumping up and down. He was IN! I definitely thought he’d lose the nerve once we were there, but instead, he ended up popping the question to a total of 6 princesses, 1 queen, and a fairy- and we captured almost all of it on video- and HERE IT IS!

It turns out the story has an even more adorable ending. Here’s what Parker’s dad told reporters:
He found a tiny Tinker Bell charm on the ground in Disney and is fully convinced it’s a sign they are meant to be together. He wears it around his neck on a chain every day now. It’s incredibly sweet.”

Source: Fashionablygeek