That’s right. There’s a new scourge out there that’s going to kill us all. It’s in almost every food on the market (other than Twinkies), and even some of the most deadly diseases!

If my head shakes any harder, I’m going to need a neck brace. The data comes to us from the University of Florida/ Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. To test just how ignorant the average person is, they put out a survey with two main questions. The first was if you supported the mandatory labeling of food that contained GMO’s. Then, to drive home the point that people are scared by things they don’t understand, they asked an even more important follow up question: Do you support the mandatory labeling of food containing DNA?

While 84% of the people responding to the study mentioned that they’d support GMO labeling, a nearly identical 80% agreed the same rules should be applied to DNA.

This reminds me of the time that Penn and Teller got people to sign a petition calling for the banning of di hydrogen monoxide.

Source: Reason