There’s been jokes about beer being piss water for years. Corona actually had a severe public relations crisis because people were led to believe it about the pale yellow Mexican brew. Now, there’s an actual beer, made from actual piss… and it still probably tastes better than Corona.

This new creation comes to us from the Oregon Brew Crew, who, in coordination with Clean Water Services, has taken high purity, drinkable sewage water and converted it into a craft beer… or, an I PEE A, if you would.

Clean Water Services wants to show off their treatment process, and that’s why they’ve approached the Oregon Brew Crew, who are a group of pretty advanced home brewers. At present Oregon isn’t wild about the idea of distributing urine-based beer in the state. According to NPR, “The Oregon Health Authority has approved the company’s request for the beer project. But the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission will also have to sign off on it before anyone serves a beer made from recycled sewage.”

Soylent beer is Pee, people!

Source: Inhabitat