This sad image is just one of many cute abandoned maids left homeless to starve in the streets of Japan. Considered one of Japan’s hidden shames, the plight of this abandoned maid has captured widespread media attention throughout Asian and rejuvenated the public discourse of poverty, stirring debates regarding viable real-world solutions to curb its rapid increments each year.

Okay, not really… this is a picture of the maid-mania currently sweeping the Japanese otaku culture. Considered a trend and made popular by “maid cafes” (メイドカフェ, Meido kafe), dressing up as a maid is apparently the latest fashion trend in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. This more than welcomed maid fetishism has many girls dressed up as maids (or guys as butlers) populating the streets of not just Japan, but other Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

And if you are wondering what she has written on the box, it says, “Please take me” and “Don’t leave me here.”