The Alamo Draft House loves Star Wars so much that they are going to take seven super fans and see which one of them can watch the complete Star Wars Saga the most times without stopping.

“At Alamo Drafthouse we’re big fans of Star Wars and testing the boundaries of human endurance,” said Alamo CEO and founder Tim League. “What better way to anoint the ultimate super fan than inviting them to watch these remarkable films on the big screen until they drop? Literally.”

The challenge is open to anyone over 21, who lives in a state where there is an Alamo Draft House. The theater company will then choose 7 people from the entrants for the big challenge.

It will all kick off at 4:45 a.m. on Dec. 17. This gives them the chance to cycle in the Force Awakens as soon as they are allowed to start airing it later that day. As soon as the credits roll on Episode 8, the whole thing will start again with The Phantom Menace, then on and on until the last of the lucky seven taps out or dies.

Short bathroom breaks are allowed, but there’s no sleeping, use of illegal drugs, or texting allowed during the films.

The winner will receive a seven-year movie pass to Alamo theaters nationwide, a set of 2015 and 2016 Topps Star Wars Card Reader cards, a selection of Star Wars Mondo poster prints and the winner will have a theater seat named in their honor complete with a naming ceremony.

The closest Guinness Record for a similar feat involves someone watching The Simpsons on TV for 86 hours and 37 minutes. The record could have been even longer, but FOX was worried about the health ramifications and put an end to it.

This is also reminiscent of a news story from around the time that The Phantom Menace came out. There was a car dealership that gave people a chance to win a new “Toyota” if they could outlast everyone else who stood there with a hand on the car. When the last person was left standing, the car dealer and the radio station they were working with, gave the winner a Toy Yoda.

Source: EW