We don’t post a lot of Barbie stuff on the site because most Barbie stuff isn’t really that interesting. This however is really cool. French artist Jocelyn Grivaud, put together an amazing assortment of Barbie photos that near perfectly re-create several very famous works of art. The whole thing, called the ‘Poupée Poup Barbie’ collection was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Mattel toy.

Here is a list of the art that is featured in the collection.
‘girl with the pearl earring’ by vermeer, recreated by jocelyne grivaud
‘sylvia’ by otto dix
‘olympia’ by edouard manet
‘l’evidence eternelle’ by rene magritte
bust of nefertiti from 1345 BCE
le violon d’ingres’ by man ray
‘neytiri’ by james cameron
la gioconda” by leonardo da vinci
marylin dyptic’ by andy warhol
bob dylan poster by milton glaser of pushpin graphic
guy bourdin
‘le mépris’ film by jean-luc godard
vénus de milo’ alexandros of antioch

Source: Clutter