Artist Andrew Wilson is working on a new art project that he has aptly named “Punder Woman.” He has come up with over 200 different puns based around the DC Super Hero, Wonder Woman, and he has started bringing each of them to life in his art.

So far, he has made about a dozen and they are all really great. He’s even selling prints of them (details below) to decide if people like them enough for him to keep making them. I think this could make a great little trading card set.

So far, My favorites are Shawn-der Woman and Chunder Woman.


Prints are selling OK, but the better they do, the higher the chance I’ll do more.

Here are the last two of the Punder Woman designs (minus the secret one, which will remain secret).

If they sell well enough I want to do a series 2 with a dozen new designs – or perhaps more. So share this post with your buddies and pick up a blind pack of 3 for 30 bucks. They came out really well and I’m sure you’ll love them.