The first thing I think when you tell me I can have a floating car, is that I’m still waiting for my flying car. Well, I guess Floating is better than nothing. The newly designed vehicles were developed in partnership between Renault and Central Saint Martins and the design was deemed so impressive that the team has now been awarded the top prixe of the London Design Competition.

They call it the Vue, and it uses Maglev technology to float above the ground. This ability to float, also allows it to be more agile in terms of not having to stick to traditional roadways and it never actually needs to turn. It just stops and then goes in the direction it wants.

Ideally, the cars will be used as a mode of smaller scale mass transit, similar to the way people currently use Uber and Lyft. In the end, it is impossible to say if this car is truly the car of the future, but it is a massive step forward for Renault, who hopes to have self-driving electric cars on the roads by the early 2020’s.

Source: Inhabitat