I’m not sure if there’s anything hotter than Attack on Titan in Japan right now, so it makes sense that weirdness like this would start to happen. The literal translation of the Japanese title for the Manga/ anime Shingeki no Kyojin is “Advancing Giants.” Now, a new beauty campaign called Shingeki no Bijin, (Advancing Beauties) wants to shift the fight away from giants and onto the scourge of unwanted body hair.

The campaign is in conjunction with the Japan’s TBC beauty treatment company and features fighters from the illustrious Survey Corps taking on cloud covered body hair (or are they all just really old ladies with 70’s bush???). Attached to the ads are a contest where 50 fans can win the chance to tour the sites used in the recently filmed live action Attack on Titan movies.

Some of the taglines for the ads translate to stuff like:

“I won’t leave one of those whiskers behind!!”

Source: rocketnews