There’s been a lot of song parodies floating around the net lately… and a lot of them suck pretty hard. That’s why we were so surprised to come across one of the best ones we’ve heard in a while today. Youtuber, PAINT, managed to take the songs of Lady Gaga and turn them into an awesome medley of songs about some of the most dastardly villains in movie history.

This is one of the funniest things you’ll see all weekend. Come on, anyone who can make a legitimately funny reference to Anne Frank deserves a listen.

Here’s the song break down:
0:03 The Joker from The Dark Knight (Poker Face)
0:32 Darth Vader from Star Wars (Bad Romance)
1:01 Hans Landa from Inglourious Basterds (Paparazzi)
1:38 Fox from Wanted (Just Dance)

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