With complex lyrics like “Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh” it’s hard to believe that hundreds of Justin Bieber fans could ever be fooled by some random guy in a baseball cap, but that’s exactly what happened in Frankfurt Germany last week.

No matter what country Bieber goes to, he is besieged with fans around his hotel. In fact, the paparazzi and fans combined led the young Bieb to blame them via twitter for ruining his week long stay in Israel Last week.

Now, flashback to the week before when he had stopped over in Germany. Fans were barricaded in crowds outside his hotel and a few pranksters made their way up to the building’s roof. All they had to do was see if they could convince the throngs below that they were Justin Bieber. How hard was it? All they had to do was have one of them walk up the the edge with a baseball cap on and raise his arms in the air…

Next time, we’re hoping that they use a dummy and then have it take a tumble after waving to fans.