The New York office of the DEA recently arrested a dozen individuals involved in smuggling heroin inside Build-A-Bear toys being distributed in New Jersey and New York.

Roughly 33 pounds of heroin worth $30 million and $150,00 in cash was seized according to authorities.

The bags inside of the Build-a-Bear toys were labeled with Barack Obama, Swine Flu and Crime 360. Agents were surprised when they burst into 4254 Carpenter Avenue in the Bronx.

Erin Mulvey, spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration said, “The agents walk in and there’s heroin and all the dime bags and the Build-A-Bears just sitting there.”

Mario Amesqui, 54, who lives in the same building as one of the apartments raided on Friday said:

“It’s a huge shock. My daughter has one of those toys. I’m very surprised something like that was going on right here and I’m especially surprised it was a Build-A-Bear.”

Source: SNAFU-ed