If we had the choice of being able to see better in the dark or not having cancer, we’re going to choose not having cancer every time. However, if you don’t get the choice, it’s good to know that some cancer treatments have now been shown to give people a pretty handy ability.

The newly confirmed ‘superpower’ can be a result of photodynamic therapy for certain cancers. According to researchers, it has now been discovered that the ability happens on an atomic level because of the way rhodopsin, a light-sensitive protein in the retinas of our eyes interacts with chlorin e6, a photosensitive molecule used in this type of cancer treatment.

Now that the information has been made public, it will be interesting to see what the biohacking community does and how long before people start messing around with cancer meds just to give themselves a non-mechanical method of seeing in the dark. When we were young, they used to just tell us that we should eat more carrots.

Source: IFLScience