A serial robber dressed as a cat is running rampant across New York city hitting only high-end shoe and beauty shops.

Donning a disguise similar to Catwoman from the Batman universe, the frisky feline has already struck three times and was even captured on surveillance during her recent heist at the high-end Arche store on Astor Place in the East Village on Thursday.

During the robbery at Arche, the 5-foot-6, 115 pound thief, apparently asked the a salesperson if she likes cats and then began moving like a cat woman – even making cat sounds.

Before she pounced, police say the suspect shopped for nearly 40 minutes, before turning over a note to an employee reading, “Give me the money! I have a gun!” Police say she then fled the store with $86 in cash.

The following day the suspect hit The Body Shop in Forest Hills, Queens, police said. This time, however, she wasn’t wearing her cat mask but was instead donning a scarf she had wrapped around her head. In that instance, she demanded money and made off with $500.

Last year, police say she hit another store. This time, she targeted a Nine West in Forest Hills. It is not clear how much money she got away with in that case.

Catwoman is currently still on the prowl. Where’s Batman when you really need him?

Source: wpix