Today on a very special episode of Good Eats, we’ll be learning the fine art of body disposal through braising. Ack!

Disgusting as it sounds, it is actually true. is reporting that a chef from LA, David Viens, is confessing to accidentally killing his wife, Dawn Viens and then disposing her body by slow cooking her.

The strange and disgusting incident happened in 2011 after the Viens were fighting and David thought the best way to end the fight would be to bind his wife to a chair with Duct Tape… Well, apparently, it doesn’t fix everything because he found her dead the next morning.

“I took some, some things like weights that we use and I put them on the top of her body, and I just slowly cooked it and I ended up cooking her for four days. I came up with the idea of cleaning the grease traps and commingling in the, the excess, the excess protein.”

He claims that he then stuffed the body in a drum and disposed of it before hiding her skull in his mother’s attic.

No body or bones have been recovered. We are going to guess that he made that last part up and actually fed her to the customers. That’s just our guess.

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Source: NBC