A couple of days ago, in this very galaxy, a wookiee has committed a crime, and now cops are on the hunt for him in connection to a stabbing. According to reports from WLLT, the incident took place this past Saturday in the famed French Quarter of New Orleans.

While the culprit is sadly not really chewbacca or any of his relatives from the Star Wars universe, police did report that a street performer in a Chewbacca costume got into an argument with someone else and that argument ended with the Wookiee stabbing the other person. There are no reports on the current condition of the stabbing victim, but police are actively seeking the man in the Chewbacca costume, who apparently ran off after the attack.

We don’t understand exactly what happened, but we have a feeling that the fact that this Chewie was photographed holding a Sith lightsaber, there’s a good chance he’s passed over to the dark side.