If it doesn’t run on tracks is it still a train? If you’re in China, the answer is apparently yes. The Chinese company CRRC Corporation is now publicly testing their new Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) on the streets of Zhuzhou before rolling it out on a wider scale next year.

The benefits to the new system are pretty huge. Along with potentially easing smog and traffic problems in the city, the trains cost less to build than subway or street car systems, and they can carry up to 300 passengers at a time while travelling through the city at 43 MPH.

One of the things that helps keep the costs down on the ART is the fact that it doesn’t need tracks. Instead, it uses visual sensor to follow lines that are painted on the streets (because trolls aren’t going to mess with that in the first day of operation…).

From a power perspective, the entire thing is 100% powered by electricity and can run for 15 minutes off of just a ten minute charge.

Source: Inhabitat