Chinese scientists have genetically modified dairy cows to produce human breast milk. Initial ick factor aside, this is somewhat of a revolutionary feat and has plenty of potential to do good.

According to scientists at China’s Agricultural University in Beijing, the manufactured milk by the transgenic cows has the same immune-boosting and antibacterial qualities found in human breast milk.

The transgenic herd of 300 was bred by inserting human genes into cloned cow embryos which were then implanted into surrogate cows. The milk is currently still undergoing safety tests but with government permission it will be sold to consumers as a more nutritious dairy drink than cow’s milk. If things go to plan, the company hopes to begin selling it in supermarkets within three years.

As for the million dollar question of what it tastes like?

Workers at the university’s dairy farm says it is sweeter and stronger than the usual bovine variety. “It’s good,” said worker Jiang Yao. “It’s better for you because it’s genetically modified.”

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