Christopher Locke’s Modern fossil art takes us into the future as we discover relics of the past:

These are modern fossils. They are made from actual archaic technology that was once cutting-edge. Most of these examples were discovered in the United States, although the various species are represented all over the world. It is sad, but most of these units lived very short lives. Most people attribute the shortened lifespan to aggressive predators or accelerated evolution, but this is not necessarily true. It has been shown recently that the true demise of most of these specimens came from runaway consumerism and wastefulness at the high end of the food chain.

Each modern fossil is hand made with a proprietary blend of concrete and other secret ingredients, giving them the look and feel of real stone fossils. Each “species” pf modern fossil are available for sale at Locke’s website and comes with a Latin name marked on the bottom or back.

Source: heartlessmachine