From superheroes to sexy pin up, thanks to the Internet and current loosey goosey copyright laws, Disney Princesses have been reimagined from head up to head down. This latest reimagining comes to us from deviantART user virial13 where she reimagines the princesses as quasi hipster modern fashionistas.

I don’t have much to add to this other than… there sure are a lot of skinny jeans and leggings. Anyway, check out what she had to say about her project:

At first I was going to draw hipster princesses, but got that I am not quite sure if I know the right meaning of ‘hipster’ so , just fashion.( quite at least) I chose their daily outfits as colour base, because they are way more fun. And I didn’t really care about princesses actual features, so yeah.. Plus I know I absolutely failed Ariel, but whatever.

anyhow, if someone will say ANASTASIA IS NOT Disney I will seriously get mad because specially for those, I KNOW. Just in case. I just wanted to include her because she’s like, my favourite (I don’t even care she’s out of the order) and she has the finest outfit.