A 20-year-old-man who calls himself the Viper has recently caught the attention of police in Columbia.

Officers stopped the man, who wants to remain anonymous, just after midnight last Wednesday when they spotted him decked out in a superhero costume.

According to the Columbia Daily Herald, he told police that he was looking for crime to report.

The self-professed comic book nerd was armed with a screw driver, wrenches and a cell phone, all of which were stored in a utility belt.

Police urged the Viper to stop his patrols and told him that he was violating a city ordinance, which bans people wearing masks in public.

He told the Columbia Daily Herald that, “I am just a guy trying to do what’s right, in tights.” To the Viper, it was a matter of pride protecting his hometown.

The crime-fighting college student said he eventually hopes to become a comic book artist when he is done with school.

Source: wsmv