It’s hard to define MSCHF, but it’s an app that everyone should have on their phones. The group behind the apps drops a new project or product every two weeks and they are some of the most absurd and strange things you’ve ever wanted to buy. The good news for them is that people do buy them. In fact, most products they release (like the holy water-filled jesus sneakers and the toaster-shaped bath bomb) sell out in minutes. Sometimes however, what they release isn’t a thing you can buy, just something you can experience. That brings us to their newest drop, Walt’s Kitchen.

One of the best parts of the pandemic is that people have embraced the need to learn how to cook for themselves. Now, thanks to Walt’s Kitchen, you can cook your favorite Disney characters. the new site teaches you everything from Peking Donald Duck and Bambi with mushrooms and onions to braised Judy Hopps and Sebastian Cakes. Every recipe is accompanied by a wonderfully produced instructional video filled with Disney kitchen supplies and a soundtrack you’d think came right out of a classic toon.

Check out Walt’s Kitchen HERE and then grab the MSCHF app HERE.